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Gambling and the Hispanic, Latinx/e Populations: Strategies for Working with Individuals and Families and Community Engagement

April 9, 2024
1:30 pm
– 3:00 pm EST
1.5 Contact Hours



Research shows that communities of color, including the Latinx/e community, are disproportionately impacted by problem gambling, yet underrepresented in access to prevention, intervention, treatment, recovery supports, and research. For Latinx/e individuals and families, the power of the Collective and Familia are cultural values that drive decision making, trust building, and willingness to engage with individuals outside of their family and community networks. Utilizing an equity lens, this training will create awareness about the culture characteristics amongst Latinx/e individuals and their families, in an effort to improve engagement and partnerships that can promote access, increase trauma informed programming, and address the Structural Determinants of Health (SDOH) and inequities, resulting in increased quality of life.  

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Learning Objectives


  • Describe the demographics of Latinx/e populations in the US an MA; 
  • Describe the types of gambling available in Latinx/e communities; 
  • Describe the Structural Determinants of Health and their impacts on Latinx/e populations, prevention strategies and engagement opportunities; 
  • Describe common cultural elements, cultural characteristics and values of Latinx/e individuals and their families and 3-4 strategies to incorporate them into programming planning and delivery; and 
  • Name 3-4 available resources for Latinx/e populations, including additional training and further workforce development opportunities.  


Sandra Munier, MA, LICSW

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