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Prevention Approaches

Preventing Problem Gambling

Massachusetts Photovoice Project

The Massachusetts Photovoice Project is an innovative, youth-centered approach to preventing or reducing underage gambling among youth. Photovoice is a participatory approach of storytelling and documenting environmental community conditions using photography. Local youth use photography to explore a community issue that is important to them and then generate a “call to action” for community members.

Massachusetts Ambassador Project

The Massachusetts Ambassador Project is a participatory, peer-to-peer strategy that trains men of color with a history of substance misuse to lead conversations about the intersection of problem gambling and substance misuse in their community. This innovative approach is designed to reach populations at higher risk for developing problem gambling.

Community Health Worker Pilot Project

The Community Health Worker Pilot is a multi-pronged initiative that trains community health workers (CHWs) to engage and educate local neighborhoods on gambling-related harms as well as the resources and community services available to them. Residents participate in a 30-60 minute interview where they share community issues, concerns and solutions.   This input will be used to inform local health policy and systems.

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