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Health Equity Academy

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Our Current Trainings

A Public Health Approach to Problem Gambling
This training describes the public health approach to problem gambling, identifies problem gambling risk and protective factors, identifies groups at risk for developing problem gambling, and discusses connections with related health problems.
The Intersections Between Problem Gambling and Substance Misuse
This training explores the similarities and differences between problem gambling and substance misuse, the key components of gambling addiction, the role of mental health, and how to use multiple pathways as a tool.
Health Equity & Racial Justice
This training reviews shared concepts and frameworks, explores what creates health in local communities, identifies inequities using local data, and discusses history as a tool to explore the root causes of inequities. To practice application, participants explore the power of institutions and communities and practice with racial justice tools and approaches individually and in groups.
Engaging Community: Motivational Interviewing to Create Social Connections
This training teaches the foundational concepts and skills of motivational interviewing, including the underlying spirit of the intervention, its four processes, and its core skills. Participants develop new skills through the use of role play, individual practice, and interactive group exercises.
Diffusion of Innovations
Diffusion of Innovations (DOI) theory explains how and why people adopt new behaviors. This training reviews the DOI theory, including how various groups adopt new behaviors. Participants use the DOI theory and apply it to their field of study or intervention to reach key populations, beliefs, and/or other segments of the community.