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I Am Because We Are!!!—What Does Community Wellness Look Like for Our Work with Communities Experiencing Marginalization, Oppression, and Health Disparities

May 11, 2023
10:00 am
– 11:30 am EST
1.5 Contact Hours



While less than 3% of the general population experience risky gambling or disordered gambling behaviors, only 3% with risky gambling behaviors ever seek mental health treatment for gambling and/or other co-occurring mental health concerns. What are we doing to support the 97% who never seek treatment? Are our prevention efforts reaching the 97%, which includes a new research trend to focus on emphasizing the self-management of risky gambling behaviors (Hodgins, Cunningham, & Murray, 2019); Matheson & Hamilton-Wright, 2019). Attend this session to update your prevention knowledge and skills using a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework focused on supporting the 97% before persons develop problem mental health distress.

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Learning Objectives

1)   Define community wellness and culturally infused community wellness.

2)   Identify barriers to community wellness prevention efforts to support communities experiencing marginalization, oppression, and health disparities.

3)   Create innovative and updated prevention “goodness-of-fit” strategies to reach communities experiencing marginalization, oppression, and health disparities, including update challenge to focus on self-management of risky gambling behaviors.


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