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Haner Hernandez

Haner Hernández

Dr. Hernández has worked for 31 years in the health and human service field developing, implementing, and evaluating culturally and linguistically competent youth and adult health prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support programs. He also has many years of experience in delivering addiction counseling and clinical supervision to professionals in the field. As a professional trainer and facilitator, he provides individualized technical assistance and support to organizations that provide addiction prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery supports. Dr. Hernández is in long-term recovery from addiction himself and is committed to eliminating health disparities by working at the national, state, and local levels. Originally from Puerto Rico, Dr. Hernández is fluent in English and Spanish.

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“It’s not that the system doesn’t work; in fact, it works exactly the way it was designed to work! Inequalities exist by design, are purposeful, and dehumanizing. I believe we an ethical and moral obligation to call out, denounce, and act to eliminate inequities by creating EQUITY. We should also understand that some systems cannot be reformed. These systems require that we use a bulldoze to tear them down! It is only then that we can begin anew, and engage in true community partnerships; partnerships designed to recognize existing community strengths, resiliency, power, and knowledge. The very knowledge that keeps us in the struggle for self-determination and liberation”developing an unhealthy habit.”