Real-life gambling scenarios

Hypothetical situations | How to play

01 Fortnite

01 Fortnite tournament

Some popular kids are betting on a Fortnite tournament and ask you to join. But you’ll need to take $25 out of your savings without telling your parents — and they know you’re saving up for new sneakers.

What do you do?

02 Roblox

02 Roblox

You’re playing Adopt Me on Roblox. You collect ten eggs and want to use Robux to hatch them, but you've spent your monthly limit and to buy more, you’d need to ask a parent for their credit card. You say it’s not worth it, but your friend says “It’s only a few dollars!”

What do you say?

03 Lottery

03 Lottery Tickets

Your grandparents always give you a toy for the holidays. This year, you explain that you’re a bit too old for toys and would appreciate a different type of gift. They suggest that they give you a lottery ticket instead.

How do you respond?

How to play

Read each of the gambling-related scenarios with your child and discuss their responses. Ask follow-up questions. Once your child gives a response, dig deeper into their thinking.

Parent prompts for conversation

  • Tell me more about why that would be your response.
  • Would you always respond that way, or would you sometimes respond differently?
  • What do you think [family member’s name] would do in this situation?
  • Is there a different way to approach the situation that might help you make a better decision?