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Talk with your child about problem gambling Here’s how to get started.

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How to have a conversation about gambling

Talking with your youth can model healthy ways of thinking, so that being exposed to gambling doesn’t lead to problem gambling.

Conversation starters

Teachable moments

How can I model smart decision-making?

Ditch the tickets

Since children often mirror what their parents do, consider skipping that next lottery ticket or weekend poker game. And remember that lottery tickets aren’t appropriate as gifts for people under 18.

Avoid fantasy sports

Some youth try fantasy sports betting after seeing their parents or elders participate in work or neighborhood leagues.

Give friendly reminders

If someone makes a friendly bet or dare in front of your child, remind them that bets around sports or events can lead youth to problem gambling.

Set boundaries

Establish clear boundaries around screen time. This will decrease opportunities for online gambling and exposure to gambling ads.