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About this guide A tool to help your child make healthy decisions

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Every day since your child was born, you’ve likely asked yourself: how can I keep them safe and healthy?

The reality is that risks are everywhere. They’re a part of life. As parents, we can’t control every risk our child takes. But we can guide them away from more problematic risk-taking behavior— like alcohol, substance use, vaping, and gambling.

While drugs and alcohol are a common concern for parents of adolescents, gambling often gets overlooked. That’s totally okay— it’s why this guide was created.

If this information is new to you, don’t worry! It’s never too late to have these important conversations with your child. You’re taking the right steps by helping them build healthy habits so they can explore risk safely and with confidence.

Note: Although this guide was designed for parents of youth ages 10-13, you can use any of the conversation pointers with children of other ages.

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