What are the chances?

A matching memory game | How to play

Player One 0 Player Two 0

1 in 407,000

your chances of winning $10,000 on a scratch ticket

1 in 10,000

your chances of being injured by a toilet

1 in 292 million

your chances of winning the Powerball lottery

1 in 36

your chances of rolling two 6's on a pair of dice

1 in 262,144

your chances of hitting the jackpot on a slot machine

1 in 3,000

your chances of being struck by lightning

1 in 250,000

your chances of being hit by a meteorite

1 in 8 million

your chances of being eaten by a shark

How to play

  1. Each player takes turns clicking two cards to reveal the information on the other side. If the cards are a match, the player gets to take another turn. Matching cards have the same icon. Each matching pair will have one card with an event and another card with the likelihood of that event happening.
  2. If the cards selected are not a match, the next player chooses two cards.
  3. Players take turns until all the cards are correctly matched. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

Parent prompts for conversation

At the end of the game, ask the below questions to see what your child’s takeaways were.

  • Which of these stats surprised you the most? 
  • Which surprised you the least?
  • What did you notice about the gambling statistics compared to the non-gambling statistics?
  • Were the gambling scenarios more likely or less likely to happen than the others?
  • Which is more likely to happen to you: getting injured by a toilet or winning the lottery?